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Increase your portrait sales by having a designated room to sell your portraits.

There are several ways for professional photographers to show their images to their customers. However it has been proven time after time that a dedicated viewing room furnished accordingly will encourage customers to invest in bigger framed enlargements.

The viewing room needed necessarily be big yet it must have sufficient space for some basic items of furniture.

If the photographer wishes to go for the classic look, which is usually, encouraging to the customer as it gives a feeling of grandeur is to have a two-settee Chesterfield Settee, leather looking more opulent.

A coffee table where the photographer can show albums and folios, however these should not be laid out when the customer arrives as it this point the focus of attention needs to be elsewhere.

A quality writing desk, which is in keeping with the furnishing, colour scheme and decor of the room.

A suitably fast computer or laptop, which should be connected to a 50" monitor or a video projector for your customers to be able to see the images large and clear and more importantly appreciate as to why the need to invest in a large framed wall portrait. The monitor or projector must be calibrated to show the images to the best of their advantage.

Pre-prepared order forms and pens in a draw ready to complete the order.

Most importantly there should be just a few, but very big enlargements on the walls for the customers to see when they arrive. Each image needs to be independently lit, with all be connected to a dimmer switch. The central light fitting should also be connected to a dimmer switch and all be controlled from the area of the writing desk.

This will give the photographer to gently dim the lights before the presentation begins.

Images for the show must be finished in postproduction to avoid explaining to the customers what the photographer could do to make the images look better i.e. 'Oh if you like that one I can take that out or open the eyes' or whatever.

The presentation must be restricted to those who are going to make the purchasing decision and no else there who may distract the customer or the photographer.

A clearly defined price guided must be available which starts with the largest framed items at the top working down to the least expensive items.

A choice of picture frames must be available in order that the customer can choose a suitable frame, which matches their home.

Folios and smaller images can be shown at a later stage following the presentation, these will have kept to one side on a dresser of side table until required.

Needless to say that the room must be kept clean and tidy at all times, completely free from clutter. Do not be tempted to use the viewing room as a stock room or allow it be used for any other purpose than meeting and greeting customers.

Other incentives for the customer to invest must be available, this includes the photographer having merchant service facilities so that they are able to accept all credit and debit cards.

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