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Cash flow is significantly improved

As the customers are placing the order at the viewing then a substantial deposit of say 50% or full payment can be taken immediately.

Using a proofing method when the customers take home a selection of images the photographer may have to wait several weeks (or months) for the order and payment. Occasionally with this method the photographer runs the risk that the customer may never return the proofs with an order.

Increased orders

A photographer can double or triple the order value by projecting the images. The photographer will sell bigger enlargements and more multi image packages with this method of sales.

The customers will also have far more enjoyment and fun seeing the pictures big and clear

Avoid other people's opinions

When the photographer allows proofs out of the door then he or she exposes themselves to other viewpoints, which may influence the customers buying decision. This may include any negative comments about the photography for which the photographer would not be able to counter for.

Proofs let out of the door allow the customer to have second thoughts about their investment in their portraits, especially if other financial unexpected considerations come into play.

Using a video projector concentrates the customer on the images increasing the emotion value of the portraits.

Avoid copyright issues.

Video projecting the images will eliminate customers from copying all of your work and making illegal copies. These days just about every home has a computer and most have or have access to a scanner.

By projecting the portraits the customer will only get what they order.

...Projection technologies - CRT, LCD, DLP, LCOS projector and LED projectors...

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