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Address any problems

Any issues or queries regarding the images can be addressed immediately during the projected presentation. These may include a skin blemish, or hair out of place or whatever, the photographer can assure the customer that these alterations can be make before the final product is delivered.

Letting proofs out of the studio, will not overcome objections to the images, as the customer may not appreciate that they may be able to be altered. The objections may grow to an extent that the customer decides not to purchase at all.

The photographer should assure the customer that before that any prints are made each image processed absolutely to their liking.

Only your best work will ever leave the studio

The only prints that are ever produced are those that the customer really likes and have ordered, which of course means that all of the images that the customer did not like are never seen.

If you send proofs to your customer, say 40 images, then in reality how many would the photographer expect them to order - say 4 or 5 in various sizes. This then implies that 30+ of the images were disliked and therefore be considered rejects.

Ask yourself do you really want out their your customers holding on to work which they consider to be rejects.

Chasing customers is a thing of the past

Video proofing will eliminate chasing the customers for their order. No chasing the customer after 7 days, 21 days... or listening to excuses as to why they cannot come in to place the order.

Having to chase customers for the order doesn't help with the emotional sales process as they feel under pressure.

The customer loves the experience

Here is an opportunity for the customer to focus on their family and themselves and they are made to feel special, in fact very special.

It is a rare opportunity for them to see themselves as a family and the emotional value is high.

High impact

This is almost certainly the biggest reason for all as the projected image are large and clear and will evoke an emotional response.

....A video projector, also known as a Digital Projector and prices have substantially fallen over recent years...

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