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by Ron Pybus Published 01/11/2006

It may be American in concept, but I produced a mission statement. This was not just a bunch of words, but a statement with real

feeling and one that kept me on the straight and narrow. Seven years down the line it still applies!

"Our mission is to provide customers with images that they recommend to others."

If you analyse this statement in detail it really talks about quality, image and marketing. It is also still on display in our viewing area for everyone to see - including my wife and myself.

Seven years down the line from first starting I have achieved those goals and have more customers than I can cope with and as much money as I want for the time I spend. I have customers who come back time after time and if anyone asks locally about photography, my name is usually at the top of people's lists. I hardly advertise at all and my clear profit after all expenditure is 72% of takings. I do not spend hours in a darkroom or in front of a computer screen. I have a considerable amount of leisure time each week, because everything is planned. Work is outsourced where appropriate and services are geared to cost effective practice. I know my marketplace in detail and I know my customers and I work with my suppliers.

So, if you are going to come on this journey to improve your business you need to sit down and sort out what you want from your business and then you will be prepared for the next in this series of articles which deals with researching what your potential customers want, where they live, their potential spend and the facilities they would ideally like. Subsequent articles will follow on marketing, customer care, selling, getting repeat business, getting leads in the first place, advertising, accounts procedures and pricing.

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1st Published 01/11/2006
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