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You could still be processing black and white in your own darkroom. Or you might be shooting colour and having it printed by a prolab. But now there's a third way. The Gemini way.

Epson ProPortrait's in-studio lab system offers portrait and wedding photographers a brand new way of working. A brand new way of taking complete control over their workflow.

And they can do it all in-house.

Explained Claes Jeppsson, Epson ProPortrait Senior Business manager:

"Gemini is a 21st century solution for 21st century professionals. More and more photographers are putting their trust in leading edge technologies that will define the future.

They are looking for new and more efficient ways of doing things. And what better than to have their own in-studio lab available 24 hours a day, producing superb quality prints that are guaranteed

to last at least 75 years in normal display conditions - and all in half the time of a typical photo lab?"

He added: "With Gemini installed - and it's no bigger than a typical household fridge - photographers can control turnaround times, workflow and scheduling and produce perfect quality results around the clock. The environmentally friendly system provides a complete, easy-to-operate, fully colour managed solution."

Built into the Gemini solution is a unique set of pigment-based inks, precision-engineered for accurate skin tones, to create consistent high quality prints up to 13x19 inches.

Epson says that Gemini print quality 'rivals and even surpasses' that of silver halide - a claim backed up by photographers who have switched to Gemini in-house output. Industry veteran, Ray Lowe said: "Gemini is going to make the whole industry sit up and take notice. This isn't just a print solution; it's a license to print money.

" And he added: "Gemini print quality is quite outstanding - infinitely better than the results I was getting from labs. And the back-up support and service Epson provides, even though its European HQ is in Amsterdam, is better than that of any English company I've ever dealt with".

John Henshall, digital imaging lecturer, columnist and photographer, tested the system and commented: "I wondered if the print quality could possibly be as good as that from conventional printing. In fact it's far better."

Top German photographer and Gemini convert Friedrun Reinhold added: "Gemini is a world-class print solution. I used to do all my own black and white printing but now Gemini does sit for me. The Epson software is so easy to use I could almost teach my dog to crop, retouch and colour correct."

Epson ProPortrait marketing manager Johlyn da Prato said: "Before Gemini many photographers had not even considered in-house output. They saw it as difficult, tedious and timeconsuming. But not anymore. Gemini is easy to use, the proprietary software is intuitive and simple, we guarantee colour management - and the complete system can run unattended".

"At Focus we were besieged by photographers wanting to know how they could make their lives easier and their studios more efficient. The answer is Gemini."

So what's the bottom line arithmetic?

Here is the essential arithmetic and the three cost areas for social photographers interested in changing the way they do business forever.

* You can't buy the Gemini in-studio lab. You simply agree a 36 month lease with Epson. (This provides you with a worry-free solution enabling you to concentrate on what you do best; creating and selling superb quality images.)

* Delivery and installation costs just £995. This charge covers delivery, set-up, complete integration of the system into your workflow and provision of a GreyTag EyeOne monitor calibrator.

* Full training (valued at £400) is now FREE.

* Monthly fee: £275.00 This covers the Gemini rental, the management of print quality, printer re-profiling, hotline expert support, online support and service, preventive maintenance via webmonitoring, and free Epson inks and paper (includes free delivery to your door)

* Variable Click Charge: The click charge is volume-based:

1-499 (A4) prints per month @ £1.60 per print (regardless of number of images compiled on one A4 sheet) 500-999 per month @ £1.25 per print > 1000 per month @ £1.15 per print Gemini can print both A4 and A3+ paper sizes.

To determine A3+ volumes multiply by 2.83 (e.g. 200 A3+ prints = 566 A4 prints)

If you want to talk 21st century digital workflow solutions, contact Rob Brown: 01442 261780 or email: Website|:

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