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Although the training Mark was providing was free there would still be a cost, it would mean taking two (and in a couple of cases three) days of my time each month to go to Cardiff, accommodation and travelling costs. In addition each month there would be the time needed to complete any 'homework' and I needed to consider how this would fit in with my business plan.

Whilst considering this my husband phoned me one afternoon to ask if it would be a problem if he came home without a job; after a 30-year career in industry he had finally had enough and wanted to spend more time with me! This was something else that hadn't been included in my business plan and I knew would make things very tight financially for a while.

Nonetheless I decided to do it. It was a great opportunity to learn and fill in the 'gaps' in what I knew.

I don't think Mark really knew what he was taking on with Anna and I. Most of what I knew was self taught and I had some gaping great holes technically with what I was doing. This is where the training from Mark has really helped; going back to the basics and learning the 'why' as well as the 'how'.

The year has had its ups and downs. I know that we have left Mark tearing his hair out on occasions when we seem to forget from one month to the next quite what he has taught us and sometimes we have left Cardiff on a low rather than a high.

Overall I have learnt an incredible amount and it has made me focus on my photography. It has been so useful having my images critiqued each month, I looked back a few weeks ago at my standard of photography when I started and the standard of it now and it has improved.

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