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With Mark I have tried things I wouldn't have tried otherwise and photographed people in places I wouldn't have photographed them. Having someone push me out of my comfort zone has been good for me even if I didn't always enjoy it.

Working with Mark and his team has been great and the amount of work they have put in to PhotoTraining4U is incredible. Yes, it is a business, but it is also a fairly unique resource for photographers to use as much or as little as they choose at a very affordable price.

Over the last year I decided on the areas of photography that I want to specialise in. I would rather be excellent in one or two areas than average at everything. Also on a practical note it means we can be far more focused with our marketing budget.

I started 2008 with a five-year business plan, I'm now just over half way through my third year full time and we are on track. It has not been easy and I hadn't planned for a recession but we are building the business.

My photography business needs to pay the bills. This is it. I don't have a husband with a full-time job elsewhere; I don't have a second job myself.

I will be talking candidly at the Convention in January about the practicalities of changing careers, planning your business and then growing it through the early years. I have nothing to sell you but I do have nearly 20 years' experience in a wide variety of businesses.

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