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Published 01/06/2011



Homesick. It finally hit me. This morning I really missed being home. But I had one more class to teach and a week in India before I would make it home. I refocused my thoughts, grabbed some breakfast and taught my final class on editing and workflow. The class was small so we had the ability to cover album design and Lightroom too. Small classes are a double-edged sword. It's a blow to my ego after speaking to rooms of a thousand photographers, but it can be incredibly powerful for the members who get my undivided attention.

I was excited to have successfully taught four classes in four days. Goodbye anxiety. Perhaps some day I'll be teaching without the butterflies in my stomach. Until then, I keep practising. It is all worth it when photographers around me become inspired by something I say or do. I'm grateful for the opportunity Societies provides for me to teach.

After my class Becker and I head out to the airport to catch a plane to Delhi, India for a week-long photo field trip. No work is contracted there. No plans. Just pure pleasure. I cannot encourage every photographer enough to schedule regular photo field trips. Do you? Do you give yourself permission to have fun and enjoy your photography without expectations or schedules? These shoots are not for your clients, or anyone else. They're just for you. Go out with another photographer and shoot for pure joy. Challenge your comfort zone. Rediscover your love affair with a camera. Take what you have learned at the Convention and apply it to your life. Peace and blessings to you on your journey. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon.

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