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by Malcolm Mathieson Published 01/01/2005


The photography was easy; photograph the babies on white cloth, lit by window light or a cold light source, not flash. Photograph on f2.8 so the background is not seen or is so blurry it does not matter. Cover any bright colourful objects with more white cloth and using a digital camera take 200 shots most of them different.

This takes no more than fifteen minutes. So we have found that allowing an hour per sitting is heaps, and remember you need to build a "relationship" with the client, for you will return to sell your package.

It is six months since we started the research process, we have photographed over one hundred and fifty babies and are doing a constant ten a week, that is a steady income of five thousand pounds a week. Our average ended up being one hundred pound higher than our base package by adding options for our customers to buy.

Of course there are a lot of details that are involved in setting up and running a business like this, details that we are happy to share. I will be doing a lecture tour for the Society in early March next year when you can come along and learn the entire process. Making money at baby photography is easy!


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