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by Podge Kelly Published 01/01/2014


Times are tight and the danger is that customers will choose their photographer on price. However, as Podge Kelly explains, it's possible to stay competitive and to squeeze your profit up through the add ons.

There may be signs that the economy is picking up, but money is still tight, and customers remain wary of spending too much. It's not that that they don't value great photography, but unless they see with their own eyes what their outlay is going to buy them, then the temptation is always to go for the cheaper quote and the basic package.


For photographers who are out there trying to make a living while keeping the quality of their products high, it can all be a little frustrating, but there are ways to encourage a more realistic spend while leaving the customer more than happy with the outlay that they've made. You just need to be a little cleverer with your approach and nudge your profit up through careful marketing of the add ons.

It's an area that Dublin-based photographer and Podge Kelly knows all about, and he's become an expert in achieving decent prices while still keeping his customers happy and sending them home with a package they are delighted with. It's a delicate balance, but one that others can also achieve, and it will be the theme of one of Podge's much-anticipated workshops that he'll be presenting at the January Convention.

"The important thing is to be charging a realistic rate for the work that you're doing," says Podge. "The biggest threat right now is that photographers will look around at what's out there and will be tempted to cut their prices in order to compete with those offering a part time service. If everyone reacts in this way it would be disastrous: it would turn us into a profession of bottom feeders, where you have to work all hours just to achieve a very low rate.

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1st Published 01/01/2014
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