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by Podge Kelly Published 01/01/2014


"The pay structure I use also helps things: my packages are paid in full before the wedding day, so by the time the couple comes to see the album some of the pain has gone and they're more likely to consider spending a little extra. They see potentially how good the album could look and inevitably they decide to pay for extra spreads. I haven't failed to upsell once over the past two years and the average purchase is for an extra twenty spreads. This means that on a £2500 package I might make an extra £6-700, and remember this is for work that I will have already carried out."


Learning to light

Of course, you need beautiful photographs in the first place before you can persuade your customers to invest more, and Podge's remaining two workshops at the Convention will be very much tying into this philosophy. The presentation on the Friday is entitled 'Making Beautiful Light,' and it deals with the issue of using flash, both off and on the camera, to augment challenging natural light. "I'll be showing delegates how to make on-camera flash look almost like window light," says Podge, "and I'll also be using both Quantum flash and speedlites to show how you can get great shots, even if you're faced with the proverbial Black Hole of Calcutta! I'll be sharing simple techniques that work and can be used nearly anywhere, by anyone. If you are just starting out this seminar will give you a great foundation for working with flash in your photography."

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