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Its no good having a website if people don't know its there. One option is to submit the site to several search engines like 'Yahoo' and 'Alta Vista'. There are even companies that will do this for you (again for a fee), but beware, many of them will say they guarantee 'X' hits in your first week. No one, no matter how good they are can do this.

I have chosen the cheaper approach to informing people! Print it on all your stationary, letterheads, wedding albums, price lists, flyers, in fact anything that anyone is likely to be looking at. Don't forget the Yellow Pages advert and tell anyone making a telephone enquiry who may have asked for your number from someone else. Its surprising how many people will visit your site in such a short space of time. You are unlikely to be snowed under with enquiries, but if you're not out there you won't get any at all.

And that's all there is to it. A simple website that should take you no more than a week-end to get right. Good Luck.

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