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Published 01/09/1997


Total hours 12

Fixed costs allowed against weddings

£6515.00 divided between weddings and portraits which is £3247.50 divided by 20 weddings which is £162.88.

The photographer needs to have an income of £10,000 per year from his photography work to supplement his other income. Half of this will come from weddings and the remainder form portraiture. Hence £20 per hour on weddings.

Remember that this is only a scenario and you will have to use your own figures to determine your correct selling prices.


As mentioned in last issue of Society News we've been compiling a survey of average wedding prices.

The results were that the average lowest price wedding was £245, the highest price being £655 and the total average spent including reprints being £600.

As an addition we found that photographers who attend the seminars had been in business for 11 years.

It is surprising that the minimum price for a wedding is around £245 and many Saturday photographers retail at below this. However the part-time photographer so the figure may not be as far out is it looks. Perhaps a nice profit can be made from this.

The most expensive wedding coverage, from the photographers that we surveyed, was just £655.

It is worth looking at your price list and adding a larger and more expensive coverage. Remember if it isn't there for customers to see then they won't be able to buy it!

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