What links Luciano Pavarotti, Al Capone, Boris Becker and Lester Piggott - and now Wesley Snipes - but not the Queen, Fabio Capello, Don King or Steffi Graf? - part 4 of 1 2 3 4

Published 01/08/2008

9. Willie Nelson

The biggest back payment of unpaid taxes may have been Willie Nelson's. When the American tax authorities, the IRS, slapped a bill for $16.7 million, the country singer, famous for his cover version of Always On My Mind, was staring at bankruptcy. His assets were seized, his ranch was sold and he made an album "The IRS Tapes" where all profits went directly to the tax man. He was even forced to sell his memorabilia, but fortunately most of it was bought by fans who either gave it back, or sold it back to him for a nominal amount.

10. Luciano Pavarotti

Another Italian tax evader, the great singer was twice accused but only once convicted of tax evasion. In 2001 a claim by the Italian government for unpaid taxes amounting to $18 million were thrown out of court. This will have been a relief to him, as he has previously been fined $4.55 million for tax evasion and ordered to pay over $11 million unpaid tax and penalties.

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