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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2016

The number of people making a serious living from writing is small - by serious I mean enough to pay a mortgage and feed a family. For a professional photographer, writing is best considered as an attractive diversion, a way of increasing exposure to your public; any income should be regarded as a bonus. Despite Facebook and other social media being an ever-present in our lives, the number of paid-for photographic commissions is vague and probably quite small. However, a printed publication in which you are featured is an attention grabber on your coffee table or website and should not be underestimated. Thus it might have a positive impact but it is most assuredly unlikely to have a negative impact!

Combining words and pictures is a powerful synology. Editors can gather any number of images at close to zero cost from any stock library; there are no libraries providing a variety of features in the written word - almost all words are bespoke, one-off creations. If you can now add 'authority' to the mix because you are writing about a specialist subject then the value of your efforts increases yet further, and if you are a wellknown expert in the subject then the editors should be approaching you rather then the other way around. Rule number one then is to stick with the knitting - write and photograph what you know about!

The full frame (Nikon D810) is the wrong shape for an Imagemaker DPS but with cropping, the people are placed on the left looking inwards, there is light space for dark text all around the top and dark space for light text in the base. Nothing of compositional importance lies in the middle of the frame and nothing will be lost in the bleed area.

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1st Published 01/08/2016
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