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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2016


Below are some do's and don'ts. It is a dry subject and intended to be light-hearted with a serious underlying message. IT DOES NOT APPLY TO SUBMISSIONS TO IMAGEMAKER - you are family and as creative photographers we do not expect you to be skilled with words, especially in your second language. Your job is to make images, our job is to make the magazine pages that you can leave around on your coffee tables!

Do's and Don't's when submitting

- Do ask the commissioning editor how they would like to receive submissions, then do it their way!

- Don't send 20 emails with 20 pictures; zip them up and send one file.

- Don't use some goofy, large-file mail delivery system that nobody else has heard of. Why should an editor call in IT to install 'goofyfiles4U' just to look at a speculative submission. Dropbox is a pain in the backside but a little too universal to successfully kill off at this stage! 'mailbigfile' is a superior alternative, as is 'yousendit'. • Don't send a PDF of pages layed out the way you would like to see them. The chances of your being a better designer than the person used by the magazine are not too good, and you won't have the correct page furniture and fonts anyway.

- Don't send copy and then follow it up with an amended version the day after the designer has set it to the page complete, with complex styles and formatting. It is annoying beyond belief - get it right before you press the send button!

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