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17th July 2019 GMT

The Societies' Photographer of the Year 2014

2014 Award Winning Images


2014 has been another incredible year for The Societies’ Monthly Image Competition with 12,694 entered throughout the year. The 20x16" Print Competition held during this years Convention has seen a vast increase in entries and we would like to thank all the entrants to both the competitions.


Each of the categories from our Monthly Image Competition has nominees which have been chosen from the Gold Award winning images from 2014.


Throughout the year we use a group of 35 Judges to do Qualifications, Monthly Image Competition judging, End of Year judging and judging here at The Convention. They give their time and expertise for nothing and we at the Societies would like to thank the following Steve Allen, Sue Altenburg, Stuart Bebb, Paul Callaghan, Alan Carville, Kevin Casha, George Dawber, Bev Downie, Barrie Downie, Marko Dutka, Peter Ellis, George Fairbairn, Desi Fontaine, Adrian Henson, Simon John, Christina Lauder, Tom Lee, Eileen Mason, Gordon McGowan, Mike McNamee, Sergio Muscat, Aled Oldfield, Dennis Orchard, Llewellyn Robins, Ramon Sammut, Lenny Smith, Jamie Thompson, Keith Thompson, Lynsey Viney, Richard P Walton, Kevin Wilson, Stuart Wood, Faye Yerbury, Trevor Yerbury, Darrin Zammit-Lupi and finally Terrie Jones who coordinates the competition and judges throughout the year.

We would also like to thank Eizo for allowing us the use of a monitor for the End of Year judging.


Photographer of the Year 2014 Results


AwardsThe Societies' Photographer of the Year 2014

The Societies' 2nd Place Photographer of the Year 2014

The Societies' 3rd Place Photographer of the Year 2014

Advertising and Commercial



Boudoir and Beauty


Digital Art




Macro and Close-up





Open Avant Garde

Pet Portraiture

Pictorial and Fine Art

Portraiture Avant Garde

Portraiture Environmental

Portraiture Studio


Wedding Avant Garde

Wedding Photojournalistic

Wedding Traditional



Special Awards

Highest Gold Award

Special Achievement Award

Master Awards
Successful Fellowship Applicants


20x16" Competition Results


The 20x16" Print Competition was judged live at The Societies' 2014 Convention and we would like to thank our judges for their great advice to the delegates watching.


20x16" Overall

20x16" Wedding

20x16" Open

20x16" Portrait

20x16" The Natural World

20x16" Nouveau
20x16" Documentary


Forum Competitions

Members Choice Wedding Photographer of the Year

Members Choice General Photographer of the Year

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