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30th July 2021 GMT

Letters from SWPP Members

What the members say

Hi Phil
A belated huge 'thank you' for yours and Juliet's hospitality at the Environmental Portraiture Day on the 7th May. Not forgetting the patience and good humour of all your children - what do you bribe them with!! No, seriously, I was buzzing all the way back home to Leeds, even through the heavy traffic. I have entered several images into this month's competition on the strength of the enthusiasm I came away with.

Best wishes

Hi Doug

Thank you for yesterdays seminar - it was inspirational.
I made loads of notes while you were talking but I need more !!!! My assistant &I have been discussing the points you made and I want to put them in to operation but where to start? Ideally I would like to fly out to Texas right now and have more tuition from you as I feel you are the person to make my business happen but I think I am going to have to have the portrait edition of the marketing system instead and I need it URGENTLY.

A great big THANKS once again, hope you had a good trip home,

I should like to thank both the SWPP and Doug Box for such a wonderful day yesterday at the Roebuck Hotel in Sussex. Doug's talk on marketing was fantastic, I should like to say that all attendees found the day to have been full of gems, almost one a minute, this guy really knows his stuff, a fantastic presenter and great personality.
A note to all members who could not attend, *"you'll never know what you missed"*, simply one of the best value seminars that I have ever attended.
My investment of £50.00, is simply insignificant to the additional profits I will make after today. This day will pay for itself again and again.
All who have attended this series of seminars throughout the country will certainly have the leading edge on marketing.

Once again a big thank you to Doug, Barbara and all at the SWPP.
Kind regards

Just a quick line Re the portraiture/ post capture day in Coventry.
The day together with the Rhyl day was just brilliant. I learnt so much over the two days whilst having great fun, Martin is just the best. It was great to work with other Photographers on the two days, seeing how they captured and dealt with their images and how they compared with mine.

I think one of the reasons that the Post Capture Day at Coventry was so good and better than any other computer course I've been on is that the numbers were just right, Martin was able to get round to all of us as well as demonstrate many different important points and sort out any individual problems we may have been having.

I have been in a group tutorial of eighteen persons for computing where over several weeks because of the large numbers all we learnt was to turn the machines on and then off again! The day was excellent, the facilities at Colab were first rate, the people were friendly and helpful and made us feel right at home.

May be some people were put off by the possibility of there being too many - I don't know but if it were limited to that number of people then I would defiantly be happy to pay a lot more.

The situation is very different from the seminar situation where one is just listening and taking notes which really lends itself to large numbers, I've just come back from the Doug Box one in Fareham, which was also very good and should be supported to the max.

I must state that Martin is one of the best tutors I have had the pleasure to meet, truly inspiring and makes me so glad I joined the SWPP.

Regards George

Ps I was woken up this morning by a loud thud on the floor it really made me jump. Later I found out it was the new ImageMaker magazine. Well dune it must be the heaviest yet.
Pps Any chance of warning me when the next one comes out, so I can put a pillow under the letter box!!!!


Hi Juliet,
Doesn't time fly ... it's been over a week now since the Power Marketing course. Since then we've been meaning to send a thank you email for looking after us so well during the week, and providing lovely lunches too. So here it finally is ... sorry for the delay!!

We both value and appreciate all the effort that goes into the SWPP. We're both looking forward to the next courses we're booked on ...Practical Day in Wedding (16th) and the Practical Day in Portraiture (17th).

Take Care,
Martyn and Julie

Dear Phil &Team,
I've just read the latest edition of the magazine. You must be very proud of it... it's fantastic. A must read for any professional photographer.

Kind Regards,

Hi Phil
thanks for today and bringing Joe over. In my view (according to the style and direction and attitude that I wish to go in) Joe is by far the best photographer I have seen - I came into this as a little girl who loves weddings, and photos, and i took the photos i would want if i was getting married - Joe gets "IT"as in the X factor "it"- the emotion, the romance, the story and the priceless moments, something intangible. the only other person who really gets "IT"(in my view) is Steve Tarling. I really enjoyed today, and am on such a high. I just want to get out there and have a go myself.

Hi Phil,
I have just booked a wedding from a Bride who found me via your web site, I am delighted that after only recently joining the SWPP that someone has looked on your site for a photographer in Cheshire, they clicked
on my link, looked at my site and the booked me. So thank you very much.

Terry O

Hi Phil
Thanks for an excellent day in Sussex.

Please could you please pass my appreciation on to Jane Conner-Ziser

Best Regards John

Hi Phil
Just wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks for updating my e-mail address on the photographers listings. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Keep up the brilliant work!! Thanks again.


Hi Phil
It is really nice to hear from you on a personnel level, it makes us feel that you really do care about us all, (which you obviously do, I do know that, first hand for all the help you have given me), I will be there,
I promise to always help us build the SWPP to the LARGEST ORG in the UK.
Yours Vernon

Your magazine is excellent &I find it very helpful. It is making me consider becoming a professional wedding photographer.

I have recently joined the SWPP, and I hope it will provide a springboard into improving my photography and help me bcome successful in a profession I adore

I'm only a new member of the SWPP but I\'m delighted that I joined. I feel that I have gotten great value so far. The seminars that I attended have been a great help to me

Attended some really good SWPP seminars recently
Enjoy reading the magazine
Thanks for all your hard work


I have been seriously interested in photography all my life but have only been a pro for 3 months. I have been to a couple of SWPP seminars and have been very impressed with the whole organisation.

I am new member but I have never been a part of any organisation but I felt that the content of ImageMaker the magazine was very good. And I liked the reduced rates for merchant services which is a real benefit for my company. I shall be entering some of the monthly competitions very soon!
Here's a good idea maybe the website should incorporate some kind of members forum so that professionals can ask questions and converse online. Ie. signing guest books and maybe profiles of members so that the areas of expertise can be shared outside of the members community

So far very impressed with the SWPP, should have joined long ago!

Having been a SWPP member for about eighteen months, I must say that I have been very pleased with the way that it is run, Phil and Juliet have an enthusiasm and dedication that spreads throughout the whole team and onto us members. The support has been fantastic and the convension is by far the best I have ever seen.
I shal be trying to attend as many seminars as I can fit in this coming year, as these give me much inspiration that I can convert into my own business.

Keep up the good work.
Gary r

I'm really impressed with the moves you organisation are making in our industry. It comes from hard work and determination I'm sure. Well done
Damian L

A MASSIVE THANK YOU for this years SWPP &BPPA Event ... my first thanks to being told about it by Queensberry ... I want to book for next year and this time do the thing properly by staying at the hotel.
Wonderful dedication from all the organisers and lecturers ... it\'s doesn't\'t happen with out a lot of hard work and you pull off a great one.

Like the way the new web pages are coming along
Dave S

The magazine is very good and I use a lot of the techniques described. Sometimes it can be too technical for me but overall it\'s great! I\'ve learned a lot.
Susan B

As 80% approx. of my work is to do with the production of images for the Travel Agency Brochures and magazines, I am not in the UK a lot of the time, so I am unable to attend lectures and conventions etc. but I am very happy to belong to a forward going association with its members at heart, along with its many value for money services and to receiveing an excellent magazine in the shape of "Professional Imagemaker".

I feel that the Society is getting better and better and I wish to thank you
Graham S

Just keep it going as you are, congratulations and well done on a great setup
James C

As I am still a student potographer I find the professional image maker magazine a valuable source of information and inspiration. I look forward to the day when I see some of my own work in it!
Lesley P

Only been a member this year, have been to one seminar which was very good. Have booked another one. Rung the office and they have been very helpful regarding questions that I have asked. Will continue membership next year.
Mike J

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