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27th November 2020 GMT


Black Rapid

Black Rapid
Hempstalls Lane
Newcastle Under Lyme

tel:- +44 1782 753 304
web address:-


Photographic Accessories

After years of shooting the Seattle music scene, weddings, and other dynamic environments, Ron Henry had a flash of brilliance that would turn the camera world upside down. No more straps sliding off your shoulder. No more fumbling around, wasting time, or neck aches. Like a few of history's most inspired inventions (the wheel, pre-grated cheese, the bug zapper, etc.), the concept is so simple it evaded everyone until now.

Your camera hangs upside down, ready to maneuver into position at a moment's notice via a sliding ConnectR that allows the camera to move freely while the strap stays put. Like a true revolutionary, Ron shared the wealth (so to speak) and started Black Rapid Inc. to ease the pains of the people. In a class of its own, the R-Strap is here to stay.

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