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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2016


The Lessons of Their Father Are Not Forgotten
Winner Overall with a perfect score of 100
Winner, Portrait Classical Section
David Edmonson

This competition goes from strength tostrength. The entry was up from 475 last year tobreak into the four figure mark at 1,008 prints.More importantly, the standard was universallyhigh, the judges needed little encouragementfrom their Chairs to bring the 90 buttons intouse - conversely there was only a tiny handfulof low-scoring prints. Printing standards haverisen over the years as technology moves onand there were a number of exquisite quality,full-bleed 16x20 images to admire. The 'salonstyle' of an archival, cream matt displaying aprint with a substantial border remains popularalthough a 3-D image complete with viewingglasses caused a bit of a stir. Although technicalquality is not the be-all and end-all, especiallywith an emotive-content print, it can alwayslose a point here and there and make thedifference between admiration and success.This has become one of the hardest foughtcompetitions of the year and to win you haveto score highly at the panel stage and thenconvince quite a lot of people in the finals.


It would be wrong in all this not to singleout David Edmonson's winning print whichscored a straight 100 at the panel stage, foronly the second occasion in the history ofthe competition. This mark from five judgeswas universally supported by their colleaguesand the reception that David was given as hewound his way up to receive his award wasboth touching and impressive. With his modestdemeanour and effortless charm, he wonfriends from every corner of the globe. Alongwith son, Luke, the Edmonsons made quitean impression at the Convention and left anindelible mark on proceedings; it was lovelyto see some of his family and grand daughterGrace at the dinner to share in the fun.

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