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16th October 2019 GMT

Find photographers from around the world

Find links to photographers from around the world who cover a wide variety of photographic subjects. world

In this listing of photographers you will find professionals who cover many social photographic topics.  Many of our members have achieved high distinctions of photography, these are indicated by letters following their names.  They include Licentiate (LSWPP), Associate (ASWPP) and Fellow (FSWPP).  Photographers who have shared their experience, knowledge and time with other professionals through the Societies are also recognised with the distinctions of Master and Grand Master.

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England - Ireland - Scotland - N Ireland - Wales

Afghanistan Albania Algeria
Andorra Angola Antigua
Argentina Armenia Australia
Austria Azerbaijan Belgium
Barbuda Bahamas Bahrain
Balearic Islands Barbados Belarus
Belize Benin Bhutan
Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana
Brunei Brazil British Virgin Isles
Burkina Faso Burma Cameroon
Burundi Cambodia Canada
Bulgaria Cape Verde Channel Isles
Central African Republic Chad Croatia
China Costa Rica Ivory Coast
Columbia Czech Republic Djibouti
Cyprus Denmark Egypt
Cuba Ecuador Eritrea
Dominican Republic Equatorial Guinea
El Salvador Ethiopia France
Estonia Finland Ghana
Fiji Gambia Grenada
Gabon Gibraltar Guinea
Germany Guatemala Haiti
Greece Hong Kong Iceland
Guyana Hungary Iraq
Honduras India Iran
Indonesia Isle of Man Japan
Israel Jamaica Kenya
Italy Kazakhstan South Korea
Jordan North Korea Laos
Kiribati Kyrgyzstan Lesotho
Kuwait Lebanon Liechtenstein
Latvia Libya Guinea-Bissau
Liberia Luxembourg Maldives
Lithuania Malawi Malaysia
Madagascar Marshall Islands Mauritania
Mali Mauritius Moldova
Malta Mexico Morocco
Micronesia Mongolia Myanmar
Monaco Namibia Nauru
Mozambique Netherlands New Zealand
Nepal Niger Nigeria
Nicaragua Oman Pakistan
Norway Panama Papua New Guinea
North Cyprus Philippines Poland
Palau Peru Rwanda
Paraguay Qatar Saint Kitts and Nevis
Portugal Romania Samoa
Russia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saudi Arabia
Saint Lucia Sao Tome and Principe Serbia
San Marino Seychelles Sierra Leone
Senegal Slovakia Slovenia
Singapore Sri Lanka Solomon Islands
Spain Sudan Suriname
Somalia Swaziland Sweden
South Africa Syria Tajikistan
Switzerland Tanzania Togo
Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Turkey
Tonga Tuvalu United Arab Emirates
Turkmenistan Ukraine USA
Uganda Uzbekistan Vietnam
Uruguay Venezuela Zimbabwe
Vanuatu Zambia Bermuda
Yemen Bangladesh  


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N Ireland


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