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by Sean McCormack Published 01/06/2008


Fig 19. Hover over the pin to show where you've been painting.

Next we go to the Split Toning Pane. As I only want a basic Sepia tone, I'll only be working in the Shadows. From experience I know that around 30 Hue and 25 Saturation is a good starting point, so after a little trial and error I settle on 28 and 23 for my tone.

Fig 21 The Split Toning pane with Sepia settings

Looking at the shot I think the background needs to come down, so I go back to Grayscale and pull back the blue slider. Her top goes dark also, but that's no harm.

Pressing Y brings up the Before/After view allowing us to check our work out

Fig 22. Our before and after

Dodging and Burning

To dodge the photograph set the Brush tool to Exposure (or Brightness) and the Effect to 2 stops. If you want to build up the effect, set a low Flow value. For Burn set it to -2 stops. As with any local correction, use the Amount slider to finesse your work. Use the New button to create new pins so that you can work on different areas.

Use the Edit button to change the settings on a pin. Remember that even though the tool started off as Dodge/Burn tool, you can also change the saturation, clarity on the area also.

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