Paper Chase - Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta Satin 300 - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2006


Re-launched and re-tested!

Hahnemuhle have re-launched their BarytaSatin 310 media with this product just ninemonths after the introduction. The mostobvious change is in the weight which hasbeen dropped from 310gsm to 300gsm. The100% alpha cellulose and the coating appearto be the same and certainly were close whentested.

The coating is thus a near neutral tone and a little over apoint towards yellow which gives a visual effect of slightwarmth. The fluorescence remains very low indicating anabsence of optical brightening agents in a continuing nodtowards the die-hard fanatics who will have nothing to dowith brighteners. Although the original profile we made inJanuary 2015 would certainly have been OK, we followed ourusual protocols and made a bespoke profile and then ourusual colour audit. Naturally we could not resist getting theolder data out and making a comparison!

We found that the new surface outperformed the older onein 23 of the 33 parameters we use to characterise an audit -not by much but shading it nevertheless. Thus the very highlevel of performance we found in the original product hasbeen maintained or even slightly improved upon.

To repeat then, the salient features of the tests are:

  1. A slightly warm satin finish.
  2. Very high colour accuracy at just 1.68ΔEoo averageerror.
  3. Accuracies of the skin tones and Macbeth patch set atjust on the limit of detection.
  4. Very accurate grey ramp within 0.1% of perfect onweighted tone depth (ΔL/w 0.10).
  5. Low metamerism.
  6. High Dmax.
  7. High Gamut Volume.

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1st Published 01/02/2006
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