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The success of the photo session also prompted me to submit an article with details and photos of our Revive the Dress event to one of the bridal magazines, since I had noticed that it was an idea that had never been featured - it's set to run next month.

That was easier to do a month ago, but the weather is becoming unpredictable and cool, meaning more time for indoor efforts. On recommendation from other people, I decided to look into hiring a business coach. One of the florists whom I've worked with recommended Floodlight Consulting - a company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their business.

My main goal was to update my website with a cleaner, more contemporary look, and to work on 'getting found' - that is, dedicate some time to search engine optimisation, or to me, the boring stuff.

We accomplished those goals, but just as important, Don is sharing his business and marketing expertise. He is helping me to re-define my photography as a brand, and he stressed the importance of dreaming big. 'Think of where you want your business to be, not where it is now. Define it in those terms.'

The questions in my 'homework' assignments helped me to paint a picture of Style Photography - who my target clientele are, what interests them, what's of value to them, why they would choose me over my competition. After that, it's about making my website easy to find, easy to navigate, and, in a field like photography, visually appealing.

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