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by Douglas Gordon Published 01/11/2008


There's a great deal more to operating a photography business than just taking pictures. Whether you're selling candy, video games or photography, the elements of a business plan are essentially the same. The plan needs to be simple: simple statements-specific rather than general-based on wellresearched concepts and figures will suffice. I feel there are many things that facilitate the success of my business. One of these is how we deal with people. "Ninety-nine per cent of being a wedding photographer is psychology- getting people to do things, convincing them that it's going to work, and not having them fight you on it. There's not too much I can't get a bride to do. When I took over the studio, I envisioned really changing the way wedding photography was done. I wanted a more up-to-date look. And definitely, I wanted to capture the connections that between people. I took on the challenge of wedding photography because I really enjoy working with people. In today's wedding, clients want to see and feel the emotion. They want to remember the sensual, romantic, sexy side of the day."


I see a real transition in weddings today. A lot of brides now would like to see images of themselves as though they are on America's Next Top Model. Any time I anticipate a change in the industry, I say to myself, 'if I don't try, I will never know'. You can't ask for permission to do something, because there is always a chance someone will say no.

As many of you know I pride myself on being systematic in my shooting with my flow posing systems. It does not just stop there though. At the business school I will go over extensively my concepts and plans for my business. I will explain how in an economic recession our business has increased again for a 24th straight year. Everything from sales, to marketing, to management, to the phone-call.

At this year's Convention we will also be releasing some brand new products including The Business Game Plan guide, the Closer Sales DVD and our brand new Flow Posing DVDs and Core Decks. Besides being at the business school on Wednesday, don't forget Thursday - I will also be giving a full-day programme that must be registered for separately. We will be shooting in and around the hotel, experimenting with every lighting condition imaginable. I will also be showing techniques to blow the mind with our brand new creation Torchlight. Be sure to stop by my programmes because as always we have lots of great gifts and fun to go around. I look forward to it.

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