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by Mike McNamee Published 01/11/2005


The gamut volume of the uncoated media was measured at 460,000Lab3 points, reasonably typical for a canvas material.


As part of this review we experimented with other ways of applying varnish. The Harris roller applicators paper 2 are made from high-density foam. Whilst the varnish still froths up when using this roller, if you apply a thin coating you can then use something like the Harris White Diamond brush (or the Purdy) to gently brush out the bubbles that are left behind. For the landscape shown below we coated with a thin coat of Matte DCP Giclee Varnish to protect the surface during framing and stretching and then gave it a coat of rollered gloss followed by brushing out. It worked well and as a bonus the roller was easily cleaned for further use (although they only cost a couple of pounds in any case).


Fine Art Canvas & Canvas Buckram

We have a confession to make! We took a single sheet of this material away from Focus (and before its launch) and incorrectly reported it in Paper Chase 8. The name said it was canvas and without checking we assumed it was a real canvas (ie off a loom). In actual fact it is a pulp product, into which Croppers have moulded a highly realistic impression of canvas. The surface is available in 1.3mm board (the one we originally tested) and now also as a 315gsm, 47 micron, paper media called Canvas Fine Art. Both surfaces appear to have identical coatings and behave in a very similar fashion when ink and varnish are applied. The Canvas Fine Art is quite a stiff and flat media which is very nice to handle and runs through the printer very easily. The tone is quite creamy and the surface texture is shown in the macro image. The media does not achieve a high Dmax and all the other tones are slightly lighter - the major component of the error is in the lightness channel. The Dmax was 1.27 before coating and around

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1st Published 01/11/2005
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