Cutting it in Photoshop - Mastering the Wacom Pen - part 2 of 1 2

by Jane Conner-ziser Published 01/10/2011


Now, choose a brush to move the colour around. Again, it doesn't matter which brush you choose (because next time you do this I suggest you choose a different brush so you get more practice with the variety available to you in Painter). If you want to start easily, choose the Blender Category and Smear Variant.

Now, shape the blob of paint into an object or a small scene by pulling and pushing the colour around on the canvas. I'm going to start making grass and flowers. If you go over the same stroke several times you are able to pull the colour further out. Notice also that Painter considers the white canvas a colour, too, so you can use it to pull white into the blob. Relax and have fun making different shapes. It doesn't matter if it looks good to you or not, especially to begin with - you ARE practising, right? You might start out using a large brush (35) to pull the sides of the colour out and push white up from the bottom to change the shape of the paint.

Working with both white and green, I've further refined the shapes to look more like grass.

Finally, I finished it up using smaller brushes.

Next time, choose a different brush to apply the colour and a different one to shape it.

Hint: Keep a notebook handy to write down the brushes you like the best and add comments about what you might try them on when you work on a real painting. Example: Acrylic:Captured Bristle - try it next time you're painting hair.

And, finally, when you are feeling really brave, add more than one colour and practise shaping and blending at the same time. You will learn how far you can blend before neutralising both of the colours, as well as how you can create distinct or diffused edges between them.

If you practise using your Wacom pen every day, these simple and fun exercises will quickly guide you into using it with complete confidence. Don't wait to practise on your first job - make your job easier by knowing how to control the pen BEFORE you start learning what to do with it.

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