Editorial - August/September 2015 - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2015


Welcome to this Nature and Wildlife special. Issues tend to expand organically and build as the content piles in, sometimes planned, sometimes by good fortune. This issue started with the cover, which is unusual as the cover is often one of the last things to be decided upon. Trev Wilson's Nature Photographer of the Year image was always slated for a cover it was just a case of gathering the supporting cast. By a crazy coincidence Trev lives within walking distance of Editor Towers but we had never met until I started the research and telephone interviews - we ended up having coffee in New Brighton and getting the job done there! We provide a full run-down on Trev's work and style in the issue, to go with his kingfisher on the cover.

Both nature and landscape are extensively outdoor pursuits and so we spend time this issue on keeping dry and warm. This stuff crosses both genres but it is the big lenses of nature where thing diverge, carrying big lenses and tripods to match is quite different to a 24mm landscape rig! On the camera front we have two reports on medium-format digital cameras by Charlie Waite and John Denton. These cameras are the polar opposites of the 4/3M chips employed by both Damian McGillicuddy and Tracy Willis, who are also featured. Together with our nature features by Jon Ashton and Leslie Wood (who use full-frame 35mm) they show the breadth of approach that provides much of the fascination of our profession - all shapes and sizes are catered for! Together the approaches confirm what we all know deep down, the camera is simply the tool for getting the idea onto the page/print. Despite this, the one thing that holds true is that nothing beats big pixels however arranged. You can use small cameras by all means and they may also be the only kit you can bring to bear on some jobs; you just need to be alert of the need for good craftsmanship because you leeway for error is so much smaller.

In the next issue we are planning on majoring on creative imaging with all its twists, turns and interpretations.

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1st Published 01/08/2015
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