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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2010

A 50th issue is a good time to look back, look forward and pass on a few words of thanks. Thank you for your continued support and your generous contributions of words, images and skills, the magazine would be impoverished without you, and thank you also for your continued enthusiasm - you make it all worthwhile.

And to the future? Who knows what might be said for issue 100, we almost certainly will have no film at all by then; the moving image will almost certainly be more important. We will probably still hang 'pictures' on the wall but more of them might be either electronic, changing or continuously moving. We will share imagery with our friends not with prints out of a paper envelope, but by looking at screens of various sizes which we will pass about. We will undoubtedly continue to share images across the internet but it is not too fanciful to imagine that, in a pub or bar, we will point our mobile devices at a wall mounted receiver-screen so that a larger group can enjoy the images. It is difficult to predict where the technology of cameras is headed. Higher ISO ratings is one area with a little headroom, resolution is probably as high as it need go for most users, higher dynamic ranges and automatic HDR will almost certainly be in by then. Finally though, on the creative side of things one thing will not change - the box between your ears will remain more important than the box between your hands! And talking of creation, issue 51 beckons!

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1st Published 01/08/2010
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