Editorial - January-February 2003 - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/01/2003

Welcome to the Focus edition of Professional Imagemaker. If you are new to SWPP/BPPA we hope you will find us as friendly, cheerful and helpful as those who have been members for a longer period.

This is a busy time for everybody but this year it comes on the back of the Awards Dinner and a very successful seminar tour in collaboration with Epson, Nikon and Adobe. We have received lots of letters and emails from people who enjoyed these events and your kind remarks are truly appreciated.

Your executives are not resting on their laurels and Phil has already clinched a superb deal with Barclaycard Merchant Services, the seminar series has been extended and the CRB scheme is building nicely.

On the magazine front we are still striving to achieve the best balance possible between content, advertising, showcasing our clever members' work and education. We are aware that there is a heavy digital slant but that, to some extent, is where our business is headed. However, look out for our next issue in which we take a look at some interesting uses of 5x4 and 120 film - it still has an important place! Even so we couldn't resist showing you some really clever stuff downstream from the photography.

One thing which is exercising our minds at the moment is the variation in either colour or exposure between successive shots on digital cameras. Are we alone in worring about this or are others having trouble? Please email or write if you can add to this debate.

Finally, as we rush headlong into the busiest season for weddings, good luck to all of who are involved - 'hope the weather stays fine!

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1st Published 01/01/2003
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