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by Tom Lee Published 01/10/2011


Twelve months ago, you may remember that I did a review of what was then termed a Digital Photo Frame for Professionals. An upmarket version of the 'toy' that you could buy at any outlet but with the added security of a protected zone on the hard drive that no-one but the photographer could access. Nothing pleases me more than when a company makes a good product better, all because they listen to what the customer (YOU) wants.

The next generation of photo frames will be marketed through various resellers, making them more widely available, and will be known as the Multimedia Digital Album.

So what did you want that makes this unit so much better?

The 7" screen has been increased in size to 8"
The images are now shown in a 800x600 pixel high resolution display that also accommodates wide screen format 16:9
No need to adjust images before importing to the unit - they now automatically resize using a drag and drop facility
Capacity has been doubled to 2GB
Now includes a pop up numbering facility for client preview purposes
Auto on/off has been installed
Supports MP4, Motion Jpeg, AVI and MP3 files so that videos can now be played directly on the unit
The other features of the original unit have been retained including the secure area of the hard drive that is only accessible to you, IPod compatible, support for SD and compact flash card, clock, calendar, alarm, remote control, built in speakers, all leads and power pack.
All branding from the mirrored unit and outer packaging has been removed allowing you to brand it as your own studio product.


The original unit retailed at £70 so with all the advancements in design and functionality you might expect this unit to come in at over £100. Incredibly, they have kept the product price to just £80 (+VAT).

So where do they go from here? There are moves for future models to be self sufficient with either removable or rechargeable batteries, enabling the unit to placed anywhere in the client's room, away from a power source. So there you have it - a company that listens to what you want and incorporates it into their products. The Digital Album has come a long way since the original version 12 months ago. It pays to give companies feedback on their products so keep asking and suggesting, sometimes they pay attention!

For technical information contact Loyd Hitchmough at Exclusive 7 (01565 683959 or www.exclusive

For Sales contact One Vision Imaging Ltd (0845 862 0217 or

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