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Published 01/06/1999

Package your posture

Once in front of the journalist there is also the important issue of body language. This is where preparation and training comes in. It's well worth knowing how your body language can give you away. Whether it is foot tapping, making eye contact knowing what to do with your hands or the way you hold your head - all your mannerisms can betray or support you are saying. Not surprisingly practise in front of a camera or microphone is well worth the investment.

Don't speak off the record

It's tempting once the pressure is off, to let down your guard but loose comments - made even when the camera or recorder is turned off, or the notebook has been put away can still get you into a lot of trouble. You may remember the then England rugby captain Will Carling made comment about the "old farts" in the administration of the game. The remark was made after an interview had been completed but it still captured the national headlines.

There's a lot to remember when you meet the media but as a final point it is worth re-emphasising that there's much to be gained by taking a positive approach. If you looking to approach the media know who you are targeting and find out what's wanted.

Put time and energy into developing the relationship.

On the other hand if you are likely to be approached by the media for comment of interview don't be caught unawares. Take training seriously and find out how to protect your image and persuade the audience with the message want to get across.

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