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Published 01/10/2014


"Our pictures look simply stunning when output on Fujifilm Crystal Archive. It's a silver halide no-brainer for us" - Trevor and Faye Yerbury

The internationally renowned Loxley Colour pro lab is steeped in tradition but it's never been afraid to invest in the latest cutting edge technology.

But there are no sacred cows, and the fact that the lab is still so engaged with silver halide printing in the form of Fujifilm's Crystal Archive Professional DP paper, has nothing to do with nostalgia or sentimentality.

It just makes sense. Professional photographers completely engage with the supreme quality of silver halide output.

Ian Loxley, owner and founder of the now 72,000 sq. ft. professional imaging laboratory, constantly scours the 'techno-globe' in the hunt for the latest machines and 'wow' technology that will take his flourishing business on to the next level. Efficiency, automation and new and innovative services, that many others can only dream of delivering, are all part of the Loxley formula - yet there's no doubting that Crystal Archive DP Pro paper, despite its long history, is still considered to be a crucial part of the whole set up.

"We are always looking at new products and making decisions about where to take the company in the years ahead," says Ian. "We've had experience in the past of aggressive sales people coming in and telling us that this or that particular product was going to move things on and make silver halide obsolete, but we were convinced through our own experience that photographic paper technology that had been developed over many years still had a lot of life left in it. We know and appreciate its value and we also know it's not disappearing overnight."

"We have always quickly adapted to new technology but we have always used it to complement the business we already have.


Trevor and Faye Yerbury checking print work in Loxley Colour's Cumbernauld laboratory, one of the largest and most modern pro-lab facilities in Europe (right)

We simply started to introduce new services, such as photo books, that were well suited to photographic products."

Loxley's highly-rated Bellissimo range, including the Perfetto, Classico, Apertura and Artemis Albums, are all printed on Crystal Archive Pro Paper, before being bound and finished in the lab and sent out to professional wedding and portrait photographers. The quality of these products is second to none, as indeed it has to be to satisfy discerning clients.

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