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High key photography has always been a challenge to photographers wanting to work away fromHilite background system their studios. The Lastolite portable HiLite Illuminated Background system gives photographers that flexibility and easy of use.

The background systems all allows rear lighting that is consistent, even and eliminates the need to throw light onto the background as the flash heads illuminate internally.

The clear advantage to the photographer is that the subject can stand virtually against the background without concern for throwing unwanted shadows onto the background.

The HiLite has other advantages such as being able to be used as a large rear softbox.

An optional 'wipe clean' vinyl train is also available.

The background is free standing and therefore needs no additional supports.

Once the photographic session is complete the background is completely collapsible and fits neatly into it's purpose designed carry bag for ultimate portability.

Available in four sizes

HiLite Background 1.4m x 1m (4'6" x 3'6") 8990
HiLite Background 1.5m x 2.15m (5' x 7') 8857
HiLite Background 1.8m x 2.15m (6' x 7') 8867
HiLite Background 2.5m x 2.15m (8' x 7') 8878
And with three trains

Cleanable Vinyl Train for the 1.5m x 2.15m (5' x 7') HiLite background 8858
Cleanable Vinyl Train for the 1.8m x 2.15m (6' x 7') HiLite background 8868
Cleanable Vinyl Train for the 2.5m x 2.15m (8' x 7') HiLite background 8879

Easy to use

Hold the two outer rims of the HiLite and allow the centre rim to unfold. warning - The HiLite is quite strong and can 'pop' out suddenly. Take care with people and furniture in close proximity. Lay the HiLite on the floor and position one end of the rod on the corner of the lower steel rim. Ensure the steel rim locates into the jaws of the tip at the end of the rod. Pull the two steel rims away from each other and locate the jaws of the tip at the other end of the rod into the upper rim.

Stand the HiLite upright (portrait) with the velcro edge on the white side at the bottom and running up the right hand side (as you look at the HiLite). Open one of the side zips and insert the head of your flash unit. Close the zips around the flash head. Position the flash head centrally at the side of the HiLite and point it towards the back panel for an even illumination. You can experiment with different positions for different lighting effects.

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