Lastolite TriGrip Reflectors Review - part 1 of 1


This versatile product from Lastolite features ease of use for the photographer who wishes to push light towards their subjects.

With it's rigid moulded handle it makes the reflector easy to handle and comes with a strong securing strap. The reflector can be used single handed thus allowing the photographer unparalleled freedom.

The design and of the moulded grip allows accurate positioning with the ability to throw light into those difficult areas.

The reflector is perfect for location work, as no stand is necessary.

Once collapsed for storage it reduces to just a third of it's size.

Each reflector is double sided giving the photographer a choice of reflected light onto their subjects


Silver/White 45cm (18") 3531
Silver/White 75cm (30") 3631
Silver/White 1.2m (4') 3731
Gold/White 45cm (18") 3541
Gold/White 75cm (30") 3641
Gold/White 1.2m (4') 3741
Sunfire/Silver 45cm (18") 3536
Sunfire/Silver 75cm (30") 3636
Sunfire/Silver 1.2m (4') 3736
Sunlite/SoftSilver 45cm (18") 3528
Sunlite/SoftSilver 75cm (30") 3628
Sunlite/SoftSilver 1.2m (4') 3728
Diffuser, 1 Stop 45cm (18") 3551
Diffuser, 1 Stop 75cm (30") 3651
Diffuser, 1 Stop 1.2m (4') 3751
Diffuser, 2 Stops 45cm (18") 3507
Diffuser, 2 Stops 75cm (30") 3607
Diffuser, 2 Stops 1.2m (4') 3707

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