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by Alison Carlino Published 01/11/2012


A love of lighting

Lighting is one of the key areas that motivates Alison, and she's looking forward to sharing her knowledge in this area with other photographers. "My lighting techniques range from available light to off-camera light heads on stands with beauty dish or reflectors," she says, "and when I'm shooting at night I love to use my warm Lowel iD video light.

"My first workshop is 'Light It!', a four-hour Superclass with models, which will be held on the Friday. I'll be demonstrating how to see highlights and shadows, and showing how you can use natural light, reflectors, video lights and off-camera strobes to achieve the look you want. This workshop will be geared toward the newer photographer who needs to see products that are out there in the marketplace being used on live shoots. I'll be showing images and describing the settings and gear I used: it's easy to be overwhelmed with the tools on the market today, so I'll want delegates to realise what it takes to make an image shine. It could be as simple as sunlight or it might be a bit more complicated, and involve the use of multiple light sources.


"My next Superclass is the following day, and it's called 'Engage Me'. This is all about getting couples you might have in for engagement shoots to relax in front of the camera so that you can get the most out of them. Before you bring out the lights and lenses, getting to know them and their interests is crucial. Learn how to plan and style the engagement session and, once on the shoot, I'll be showing how I keep it fun and build an experience the couple won't forget. In this session I'll talk about the quality, quantity, direction, and colour of light, and I'll be showing how to give your couple starter ideas for poses that match their personalities.

"Finally, I'll be teaching a further four-hour Superclass on the Sunday that is once again about lighting, but this time I'll be covering 'Engagement Editorial Fashion'. I'll be showing how to take your lighting to the next level with posing that complements today's high fashion demands of high school seniors. Delegates on that day will be learning to light and pose in an editorial style, and lighting recipes from natural to off-camera will be explained and demonstrated on live models who can then be posed by those in the class. Once again I'm planning for this to be geared toward the newer photographer who needs to learn posing and the secrets of working with today's fashion-forward youth.

"My studio makes a point of following current fashion trends and we stay ahead of the curve by scouting new locations and offering top-of-the-line unique products. We love brides who pay attention to detail, and the engagement shoots we take on offer us a way to get to know our couple in front of the camera before the wedding day itself. We always make sure that it takes place at a location where we know they will enjoy being a couple together."

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