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by Tony Corbell Published 01/11/2011


Joining The Societies

Although based in the States, Tony got to hear about the work of The Societies through meeting Phil and Juliet at the WPPI Show in Las Vegas back in 2005. "They told me all about the Convention they organised every year and they convinced me to come over to be a speaker and judge," he says. "I loved my time there and have since been back and completed a seven- or eight-city lecture tour with them in 2008 to Scotland, Ireland, Wales and, of course, England. It was superbly organised and demonstrated great leadership on behalf of The Societies.

"Having spoken twice already at the Convention I'm looking forward to renewing the acquaintance in 2012, and I've got two very different workshops prepared that I'm going to be delivering. The first of these is all about lighting, which is what I am best known for. I'll be taking a very in-depth look at light and how we control its quality, quantity and direction in our work. I'll also be discussing light applications such as Additive, Subtractive, Transmission and Reflective. My light programme is chiefly designed to give photographers control over their lighting, and I'll be showing them how to use tools that include portable flash, studio strobes, sunlight and ambient light.

"Each combination of tool and application will be shown and talked about in detail, and I'm going to be discussing the importance of control in digital capture and showing how a few seconds of extra time spent at the time of capture can save hours in post production."

Tony's second Masterclass could hardly be more different, because it will be focusing on digital editing and workflow. Tony, who is also senior manager for product education for Nik Software, will be talking about how to optimise your images, elevate your output quality and save time and money. One of the most talked about series of products to be released over the past few years, Nik Software is changing the way photographers interact with their images and Tony will be demonstrating how this has happened. Points to be covered include ways to optimise your workflow in image editing, how to save time while saving an average picture, the world's most effective way to accomplish selective editing, understanding how to best sharpen and remove noise from your work, and creatively developing a style.

"Every time I attend the Convention I am more and more convinced that this is the greatest profession on the planet," says Tony. "I see enthusiastic new photographers and I see the same look in the eye of the old veterans. We all share the passion for this great career path we've chosen and it is strengthened at each event.

"There are so many truly great photographers assembled for this event that I want to see as many as possible. I am a huge fan of photographers such as Podge Kelly (I love this guy), Gordon McGowan (a true master), John Baikie (crazy nut but an immense talent), Damien McGillicuddy (style and quality), and Faye and Trevor Yerbury (beauty and grace). I'll get to as many workshops as I can and I can hardly wait."

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