Are You Ready For 21st April 2015? - part 1 of 1

Published 10/04/2015


More helpful advice from James at theimagefile.

Search engines rarely give information about their indexinghabits or algorithms they use, so when Google recently announcedthe date and the focus of their algorithm changes we can sort ofguess it's going to be a serious update (to the extent that somebloggers are referring to it as "Mobilegeddon").

Google stated:"Starting April 21, wewill be expanding our useof mobile-friendliness as aranking signal. This changewill affect mobile searches inall languages worldwide andwill have a significant impactin our search results."

So, it is time to makesure that you have a mobilefriendly website. Google havemade it easy to test things bycreating a tool where you canenter your web address andget an instant result on howmobile friendly you are. Youshould try it out (just Google"Mobile Friendly Test").


Act now while you still have time to make sure that you arenot going to be negatively affected by this change.

All websites built on theimagefi le system automatically have a mobilefriendly site included; with mobile friendly client galleries, shoppingcart, cropping tools and payment options. The mobile version is lean,showing no logos or background images by design, to make your sitefast for visitors.

So what should you do? Check your website using the Googlemobile-friendly test tool to make sure that you haven't added anycontent, widget or table that will not display properly.

If you experience any issues in the first instance youshould contact your web designer for assistance. Try to hideunnecessary content in the mobile version, and avoid lots oftext links bunched together on pages which makes things trickyfor finger navigation. Ensure all photos in your web pagesare optimised so they load quickly on the page. Set widths inpercentages rather than pixels where possible. Try to get themost important information "above the fold" (near the top ofthe page without needing to scroll down); especially on yourhome page. Make sure your contact page forms and purchasebuttons work properly on a mobile and try to display a telephonenumber to help visitors that might need assistance.

Remember... if you are doing things right this changewill benefit your ranking and your business!

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