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But it didn't end there. I suddenly had the idea that this was the very way to get me thinking again. Natalie, who was the model in Spain, is a very close friend of mine and it seemed that to continue this idea of one model would maybe work. So I've set myself the project of shooting throughout 2008 with the same model. This would test my imagination and creativity better than anything else I could think of.


So as we approach the end of June, I am building up a huge array of very different images of Natalie. The ideas keep coming and it really is working. To shoot with a different model every time would be much easier as you are getting different looks from each girl anyway. Using the same model, it is all too easy to get complacent and shoot the same poses every time within both of our comfort zones. I now scan through fashion magazines on a daily basis, and can be seen photographing adverts in all sorts of places on my mobile to take home and work on concepts. I am often seen scribbling in my little notebook in the cinema, and then trying to read what I wrote in the dark, when I get home. Cinema really inspires me. I love watching films and seeing a scene which I feel can work as an image. There is inspiration everywhere once you start looking for it, and this project has really done that for me. I have a long list of ideas still to be worked upon so I don't think I am going to run out any time soon. The main problem seems to be running out of outfits!

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