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Within the paper suppliers in the UK, one range stands out as the most comprehensive in terms of the number of surfaces offered. The Permajet livery is easily recognised on the shelves of the better professional suppliers with its silver and yellow, setting off the bright sunflower.

For the Paper Chase series, the Permajet papers have provided the baseline against which we have compared all others and is "standard issue" in the Professional Imagemaker offices. The proofing paper is always used to output the magazine for final checking and almost all review printers are tested with their Portrait paper as a matter of course. If we were sent to a desert island with only eight records and one paper it would be Portrait. You will note from the last issue that it was Portrait we used to establish the difference between using Matte Black ink and Photo Black ink in the Epson Ultrachrome materials.


The Permajet range falls into two basic categories, art papers and photo papers. The photo papers consist of the glossies, lustre's and the matte papers. In general terms the art papers should be used with Matte Black Ultrachrome ink. This ink is unsuitable for the gloss and oyster finishes. Like all quality papers the Permajet range works well on almost every printer, as well as with the wide range of alternative systems, using continuous inks. To add yet further choice, Permajet also supply range of "black ink only" systems for a number of printers. In a nutshell they can provide a system to print to any concept you care to dream up, from point-ofsale to fine art.

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