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by Andrew Williams Published 01/12/2009


Step 10 Animate the Title

For a simple title add an image by clicking the Add Image icon at the top of the screen. To zoom the image out from the centre to fill the screen; add a keypoint by dragging the blue triangle along the timeline to approximately midway and clicking the + icon. Drag the image 'handles' to its final size and position.


Step 11 Add Text

Click on the start keypoint (00:00:000) and on the Animation tab set the Zoom value to 0.001. Clicking the Play button (bottom right) will preview your work. Click the border to deselect the image, then click the Text icon (A) to add the title text. Type the text in the Properties box. Add new keypoints at approximately 3.5 and 5 seconds. With the first keypoint selected alter the Opacity to 0%. Click Play and the text should fade in.

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