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by Mike McNamee Published 01/10/2009


We came across this paper when carrying out some audit work for a client. They were using the Fogra certified satin paper as a general-purpose albummaking media because of its low cost, high quality and good resistance to the heat of laminating. Now your average wedding photographer is unlikely to be interested (or even know) what Fogra stands for. Well Fogra are a German-based Graphics Technology Research Association and they provide testing guidelines, standards and certification for the printing industry. Papers that comply with Fogra standards have to be accurate and repeatable and there are stringent standards set for the allowable deviations in different batches of the material.


The papers fall into three categories in terms of their underlying base colour. The Fogra Satin lies closest to a pure neutral, as expected. The two 260gsm options contain large amounts of OBAs which give them a very crisp appearance, which may or may not be to the user's taste. The other papers lie in a normal, slighly cool position, typical of many other media.

The material we tested was one of the two intended for Fogra-certified, high-end contract proofs. However, the inherent properties of the paper make it suitable for printmaking in which colour accuracy is paramount rather than making a 'nice-looking' print. As always there is a difference between an accurate print and one which may be preferred by a client. Combined with a pleasant, delicate satin finish, resistance to scratching and fast drying, the overall properties of the paper make it excellent for all types of reproduction. In general the media is used in quite large quantities in the printing/pre-press industry, a factor that drives the cost down to very competitive levels.

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1st Published 01/10/2009
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