Reflecting on a Goddess - part 1 of 1

by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2007


On a 'cool', overcast day, the TriGrip can be used on the gold side to kick a little warmth back into the subject, as well as highlight the face. The hat is not part of the equipment.

Lastolite have kindly provided an abundance of SWPP/BPPA badged Tri-Grip Reflectors and it seemed a shame to waste an opportunity. So it came to pass that Tom Lee, Mike and Mark McNamee, dress designer Debbie and our goddess, Jen, assembled on a windswept beach for some environmental dress photography.

Tom has been collaborating with Debbie and Sandy's Haute Couture house 'Anna May' for some time, making images of their creations - indeed we have a feature planned for the near future on the subject of trends in dress design. Tom did the main shots, Mark 'shot the shoot' and your editor was Key Grip, Best Boy and bag carrier. Debbie did the dress and Jen dislocated the necks of the local males walking their dogs.


The security strap of the TriGrip can be used to attach the reflector to a stand or to assist in controlling movement in a boisterous wind. The McNamees build a quick beauty lighting rig around our model, Jen. Tom Lee suffers for his art, getting sand in his crevices while Mike shapes two TriGrips for wraparound reflection!

The Tri-Grips proved to be a real boon during the shoot. With their new design of handle and security strap; holding two of them was easy, even in the wind. Two people could even build a beauty lighting tri-reflector in a couple of seconds flat!

Of all the reflectors we have used this one has become a firm favourite - as in all things, the simple ideas work the best! TriGrips are available from all major suppliers at around £55. visit

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1st Published 01/06/2007
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