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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2009


Vernier depth gauge measuring curl.

Curl in paper can come from a number of sources depending upon the grain (the lie of the rag fibres), the positioning on the paper-mill roll, the direction of the cut and finally, 'differential stress' caused by the coating on each side of the paper being different.

Different paper suppliers impose different quality-control standards on the manufacturing paper mill. For example, Epson insist that paper for their supplies comes only from the outer margins of the mill roll so that it is flatter than paper from the inside. Less premium brands are cut both from the inner and with less care to align the grain, and suffer from more curling issues.


Baryta paper, as received.

In terms of transport through an Epson printer an upward curl is worst as it can prevent the paper loading at all. A curl upwards at the edges can cause head strikes. A downward curl becomes a problem if the paper 'dives' down into the transport mechanism and misses the platten all together or dives down between any slots on the way out.

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