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by Tom Lee Published 01/10/2014


Many claims are made by manufacturers about how good their own branded equipment is, but seldom live up to the claims or justify the increased price tags they seem to be accompanied by. The Rotolight Interview LED Lighting Kit is an exception.

I was looking for a small, but portable, continuous light source for my Nikon D4 video capability that could double as a supplemental headand-shoulders portrait light and found one in the Rotolight RL48-B. I am generally a dyed-in-the-wool sceptic, and was unsure of the potential in such a small unit, however, having used the larger Anova system by the same company it was definitely worth a good workout.

The first thing to note is that it uses the same LED technology of its big brother. These patented light sources give a truer, cleaner, more accurate quality of light than any other units that I have used. Some other units have a non-linear, occasionally pulsating light quality that plays havoc with video productions. This becomes more apparent in mixed lighting conditions such as a client's office fitted with strip lights or dimmable tungsten sources.


The Interview Kit (around £250) comprises two lighting units with mini-stands, which can be fixed to cameras' hot/cold shoes or separate lighting stands. Each unit includes lighting guides and gelatin Lee filter packs for light calibration and colour effects, which are stored in the back of the unit cover for ready access. The filters can then be placed under the removable, clear lens that protects the LED array. The kit also includes a handy belt pouch to carry the complete kit and spare AA batteries that power the RL48s.

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1st Published 01/10/2014
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