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by Dave Newman Published 01/08/2011

The Golden Three-level Offer
Set up a three-level bargain or sales offer. First, ask for a very little down payment, say $20,000. down with the sales price being $450,000., or secondly, $50,000. down towards a total selling price of $400.000 as a sales price, or finally a cash price of $300.000. Most well grounded buyers will do everything in their power to go for the much, much lower selling price of $300.00.

This is the moment when they become very resourceful and begin borrowing from friends, family and banks to purchase the business at such a unique discount for full cash payment.

You may suffer a bit with the discount, but in the end you will have an amount to invest or bank and never have the worry of returning and taking back the broken and damage pieces of a once thriving business. You have now sold the business and can get on with your life and your future plans.

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1st Published 01/08/2011
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