How visual are you and your business? - part 1 of 1

by Catherine Connor Published 01/08/2015


We are all searching for success, the ideal clients and the business that brings us the lifestyle we deserve. If you a member of the SWPP, fondly known as The Societies, I guess you are indeed on this mission too, and we will share similar views and thoughts. This feature is dedicated to becoming more visual, and attracting the right tribe; the tribe that is right for you and all you want to achieve in the business.

The first question to ask yourself is this; "who actually knows you are in business?" This is a question I have frequently asked myself over the decades of being in business, and much will unfold from asking yourself this question too. Pay attention to your discoveries, as they will have an influence on your future. Being in business for sure is a learning game, and the learns are here to guide us, protect us and ensure our futures. Study in detail who knows you are in business, think about the list and what influence it might have on the growth of the business; don't underestimate the power of the list you have created. Then ask yourself again is it enough? Do enough people know you are in business, and are they the right people? Will the tribe you have previously attracted be enough for the ambitions you have for the business? In simple terms, what is the value of your database? If you don't have a database, take a peek at Lightblue Software, as their database systems could serve you well. Utlise your database for knowledge and use the reports, this information is your currency and growth.


You are in business to earn a living; this may not sound romantic, but my motive is to mentor you well, ensuring you become successful and remain successful. Identify your client range; knowing your tribe will give you a greater insight into the style of marketing to implement and the mix of marketing styles too. Tribes tend to be tribal, they go to similar salons, gyms, restaurants and bars, and their children do similar activities. Profiling where your clients hang out will arm your business well, ensuring effective marketing plans are plotted and in place; as I always state "leave nothing to chance". The trick is to be visual, and be visual in the right circles and locations; your objective is to attract the right clients, not just any clients. Produce a profile on your ideal client, your best client; what would they want from you, the photographer? It's important to create expectations, what do your clients expect from you? What do you expect from them as a client and be very specific. Have a clear view on the style of photography your clients seek; understand what they may want to invest in within your business, how much they might spend and on what, and again be very specific. This will ensure the infrastructure of the business is right too. It's all about a good fit; a good fit for you and a good fit for them.

Make it your next mission next to be visual; hang out in the right places, one method of marketing will not be enough, you have to get the mix right. All businesses need a loyal community; you need both an actual face-to-face community and an online one too, both are needed in equal measures to serve the growth of your business. Look at the marketing methods used; study each method and what each method currently achieves. Then assess the gaps, the holes in the plan, what is missing within your marketing methods? In my experience, something is always missing. People often ask "when is enough, enough?" - Never! You have to do a great deal consistently to remain visual; you have to use the best of social platforms, the marketplace, networking and much, much more. Be proactive, and as ever "leave nothing to chance".

All the best this autumn ~ Roll on the Convention, and join me in the Business School.

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1st Published 01/08/2015
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