Baikie's Right Royal Bake-off - This week it's jam tarts! - part 2 of 1 2

by John Baikie Published 01/10/2013


So this summer, I was covering a few events and had a couple of classic moments. Princess Anne was visiting the brand new North Highland College Equestrian Centre, and I was wearing both hats for this one. Host photographer for the college, and also supplying the press with images. My remit was that the visit wasn't going to be particularly visual so I was to try to get something quirky if possible, as there'd been a couple of other royal things happening in Scotland that day, so to get published we'd need something good. It was one of those days when there was just nothing that looked like it would work, until one of the horses decided to help me out and photo-bombed the royal visitor. Result!


A month later the Duke of Rothesay was visiting a local bakery firm which had just expanded and moved to a premises. This time it was in my newspaper capacity that I was there, so again looking for a visual image that might make front pages. On the walk round, myself and one of the other photographers decided there was only really one spot that might work, when he was to watch someone making jam tarts. I quickly had a word with the director who was showing DoR around and asked him to try to remember to ask DoR if he would like to have a go. Another classic moment as the jam part went wrong and the Prince spilled jam everywhere. Lots of jam and lots of laughter, and that was the photo that made all the newspapers. Job done!

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1st Published 01/10/2013
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