Time Saving Tips for the Summer Holidays - part 1 of 1

Published 01/08/2015

1. Set expectations from the start. A common complaint we hear is when the customer expects all photos from the shoot but instead receives a well edited fi rst edit. The client, be a bride and groom, commercial client, or portrait sitter hears the camera clicking away then views the best 20 with no idea that you have already edited out the blinks, unfl attering, and other rejected images. Tell the client how you work - not only does it show professionalism but also helps the client understand why they will see a limited number of the very best photos from the shoot.

2. Learn to automate. Many images from a high capture count shoot like a wedding will need the same or nearly same basic treatments - colour correction, brightness and contrast adjustment, straightening and cropping. This all takes time. You can speed this process up dramatically by learning to use "actions" in Photoshop and "presets" in Lightroom to automate these tasks.

3. If you're really busy, consider outsourcing the image processing to an external company. Theimagefi le has negotiated an additional 10% discount on all work through proimageeditors and pricing is incredibly keen. Outsourcing can free up more time to get on with your other work.

4. Make it easy for your customers. Using lab fulfi lment is one of the easiest options as you must simply upload the images. If you upload in the same aspect ratio (e.g. 3:2) and off er the same aspect ratio on all products (e.g. 6x4, 9x6, 12x8), it negates the need for cropping. Aspect ratio cropping can also be passed on to proimageeditors.

5. Make time to follow up. To maximise the benefi ts of all your efforts make sure you contact your clients, check they are delighted with the results and get a testimonial. This is also a great time to fi nd out how they heard about you and off er an incentive to use you again in the future.

6. Use Timers. Remember you can use Timers within your image collection to change price plans, discounts, change access rights and email visitors while you are enjoying a bit of "R & R"

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1st Published 01/08/2015
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