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Published 01/12/2013


Lastly - The Foundation

Your 'stool' needs to stand on firm ground! This is your numbers and your administrative processes that make sure you know exactly how each aspect of your business is doing on a weekly basis so that you are always ahead of the curve and can head off any likely issues, especially cash-flow shortages, the bain of every business. This could be complex but actually breaks down in to a few key variables. The KISS Principle really kicks in here!


Over the next few issues of Imagemaker, we will be looking at each of these 'legs' in detail, allowing you to build an overview of how you should approach the set up of your portrait business to maximise your chances of success.

This is sophisticated stuff born out of more than 20 years experience but, at the end of this process, you will have a far better understanding of what it takes to succeed as a professional portrait photographer, and so drastically improve your chances of success. Remember, 80% of start-ups fail. Not difficult to see why!
vWhat Are You Selling as a Portrait Photographer?

Think about it:

Portraiture is not about taking pictures, it is about capturing emotion!

The pictures you take are certainly your product, but that is not what your client is buying.

This is Really, Really Important.

Think you are just selling pictures and you will almost certainly undervalue what you do, your clients will sense it, you will get flak and probably fail!

When you understand you are using your camera to capture your clients or their children with all their character in a fun and relaxed way and with a realism that those people could not possibly achieve themselves, then you will realise that is where the real value is.
vImportantly, this also means that portraiture is not price sensitive, which is crucial when setting proper prices. Again, more of that later! We have had clients with very good cameras who have happily spent the equivalent of a good DSLR on a single wall portrait because they know that that image will celebrate their family in a unique way and lift their spirits every time they pass where it hangs in their home. We regularly have clients returning for an updating shoot, telling us that even after years, the images are just as fresh as when they collected them, and their friends and relatives still admire them. Put a price on that!

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